What is your investment plan?
Saving for Retirement?

We all need to plan for the day where we will be no longer be part of the workforce. Wealthface will help you prepare for this transition by providing you with the necessary investment information and customizing your portfolio to ensure a safe and comfortable retirement.

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Looking to buy your first home?

Wealthface can make the dream of owning your own home come true by providing financial advice on your financial health, the amount you can afford, and by helping you design the best plan to achieving your future homeownership.

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Sending your Children off to college?

Wealthface can help you design an investment account that will help better prepare for the future of your children and cover the expenses of their graduate studies.

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Taking some time off to enjoy your hobbies or travel the world?​​

Wealthface can help you put in place an investment plan that will enable you to enjoy your life and partake in the leisure activities of your choice, without negatively affecting your life-long goals.

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Receive a financial planning session with one of our expert advisors and let them help you build a roadmap to meet your financial goals.

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Faadil Moti

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Fouad Kouidmir

Head of Quantitative Investments
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Natalia Pevko

Investment Manager
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