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Five Reasons to Get Your Mates On-Board with Wealthface

We get it: you’re the kind of person who likes to see those around you happy, healthy, and doing well with themselves. That’s why you spend so much of your time wondering exactly how you can bring a little more prosperity into the lives of your friends. So, what is something you could do that would require little effort, yet would allow those closest to you to reap the greatest rewards?

The options open to you are many: you could give them some friendly advice on their latest work achievements, you could compliment them on their new haircut, or you could bake them a cake and catch up over a cup of tea. All fantastic ideas, for sure… but none of them are likely to keep the ball of happiness and future security rolling for long. The one action which ticks all the right boxes is actually a simple one: encourage them to open an account with Wealthface. Why would that make such a difference? Well, not only would you be helping your friend or family member set up a path towards future prosperity, you’ll also give them access to tools which will allow them to invest like a pro, and you’ll be helping them save on fees, maximise their gains, and minimize their risk considerably, too. Trust us, you’ll be in their good books for some time to come!

Getting people involved in a relatively new venture or company like Wealthface isn’t always the easiest of tasks, however. We understand that your mates are likely to have a whole load of questions, and will want to check out our website to clarify some of their doubts. Here’s where you step in: we’ve given you a list of top reasons to join Wealthface, which you can reel off to your friends if they express an interest in increasing their wealth (and let’s face it, who doesn’t have an interest in that?). Big up the following points, and we reckon that before long, they’ll be just as excited about how we’re shaking up the investments industry as you are. After that, all you’ve got to do is sit back, relax, and watch that smile on their face grow ever wider. Now, wouldn’t that give you a warm glow of friendly satisfaction?

Point 1: Picking Stocks is As Unreliable as it is Time-Consuming. Wealthface Knows the Science, and Makes it Work for their Clients.

Wealthface takes full advantage of what are known as passive funds. Not only do passive funds perform better, they involve lower costs too, meaning you’ll see more of your profits than ever before. There have been more studies than we can possibly list here that show passive funds vastly outperform those managed by humans, and if you’re looking to grow your wealth effectively, getting involved with Wealthface’s algorithm is possibly the best move you can make.

Point 2: Signing Up Takes a Matter of Minutes

Your friends won’t have to traipse into some fancy office, and wait for half an hour in a lobby before seeing some disinterested account manager. Wealthface makes signing up quick, easy, and enjoyable… and you can even do it while drinking your morning coffee in bed (if you want to).

Point 3: Want to Choose a Portfolio That Suits Your Values? Wealthface is the One for You.

Wealthface knows that its clients come from every walk of life, and have values and beliefs which are as diverse as they come. That’s why we offer you the chance to select from packages which have been carefully constructed to reflect your values, and which align your wealth with the building of a better world.

Point 4: Wealthface Might Be New, But It’s as Secure and Stable as is Possible.

Sure, Wealthface might not be an established voice on the scene right now. However, that doesn’t mean the team behind this wealth management company has cut any corners when it comes to security and stability… indeed, quite the opposite is true. Wealthface knows that its clients truly care deeply about their account security, and that’s why every step has been taken to ensure that all details are kept incredibly safe using the latest state-of-the-art encryption methods.

Point 5: Wealthface Combines the Best of Both Worlds

We really believe in the power of our automated systems and algorithm (after all, you wouldn’t believe the amount of time and effort which went into creating them!). They’re intuitive, fast, effective, and unaffected by emotion or human error. However, we also understand the importance of human contact when it comes to advice… and that’s why we offer the perfect balance of man and machine.

There you have it: 5 reasons to help you convince your friends and family to get involved with Wealthface, and start watching their money grow. The best part? These five great points aren’t even the start of it… there really are countless reasons why and how we’re turning investment on its head, and making it work for people just like you. Start exploring, and discover what makes Wealthface the best in the business today.

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