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Wealthface CEO: How Technology Affects Investors

People have goals. After health and family, we think we can all agree that financial security is closing third. We think we should accept that this is among the most mystifying too. Many want to learn if they’re going to be OK at the end of the day, but even the easiest tests can be […]

People have goals. After health and family, we think we can all agree that financial security is closing third. We think we should accept that this is among the most mystifying too. Many want to learn if they’re going to be OK at the end of the day, but even the easiest tests can be extremely challenging for others. Technology is changing that, to their advantage. Wealthface has created an online platform that’s ready and able to apply emerging technologies in various ways to continue simplifying and demystifying investing. Let’s discover what our CEO Bilal Majbour thinks about technology affecting investors.

How is Technology Changing Our Relationship with Money?

Technology has helped to shape the financial industry.

Payment transfers have become much easier through the use of technology and highly secured.

We can now transfer money between banks at low cost and sometimes free of charge because of the development of the payment process. The movement of money has become quicker and more accessible than ever. The transfer of money recently also has become possible to send money internationally in a very flexible way using a new payment technology between countries. Companies like Stripe, PayPal, and money safe have recently proved the success of this technology worldwide.

Without forfeiting the possibility to invest now in the liquid market, this possibility has made the new generation have access to different solutions where they can invest their money and make a good return on it instead of keeping it at the bank without getting any returns.

How is Technology Woven into the Financial Lives of Investors? 

Technology has made the process of investing much more ethical, transparent and easier for investors to have access to the financial market, so today, investors can be in control of their financials and not only that but can plan a better financial future to be closer to their own financial freedom by realizing their financial objectives.

Technology has made the possibility to access financial data and information. As we know today, it is all about data; this is not possible a few years earlier where access to information was very expensive and limited.

Do You Think Technology Makes Life Easier for the Investors? How? 

Technology has made life easier for investors where they can now get what they are looking for at a fingerprint. Not only that, but also, they can be sure they are getting transparent and ethical details, which was not possible to be sure it was correct in the past where information’s could be different from a place to another.

Technology has helped globalization in the financial market where investors can access multiple details and information about other needs without leaving their place. They can benefit from that information by executing on any market and making gain and profit from it.

What Do You Think of the Positives of Technology Being in Our Everyday Lives?

Technology has helped us access anything we are looking for faster and at a lower cost. Technology has made our lives easier to get what we’re looking for and to be able from now own to compare anything before we make a decision. It helped us have a higher standard of information, a better knowledge about anything where we can read about any new topic or service, and have access to anything we are looking for from a small device like a smartphone, an iPad, or a laptop.

As a CEO for Financial Institutions, Do You Think the Strengths of a Tech-Driven Solution Outnumber the Weaknesses?

Our generation is different; we work to offer the best to the clients, and as you know, this could not be possible to deliver without technology.

Technology has always helped us offer the best that we can and make sure that we are closer to our clients to understand their needs to offer them better services, products, and customized solutions. Weakness can persist when you don’t evolve in anything you do and especially in technology.

To make sure you are using technology in the best way, you always have to optimize what you are using to deliver the best and make sure that you keep evolving because the minute you stop evolving, all you will face is weakness.

In your opinion, Do You Think Technology Is Changing the Investor’s Expectations and Behaviors? If Yes, How?

Without any doubt, technology has changed the investor behavior and expectations; the reason why is simple investors have much more knowledge on anything they want to purchase, and this will make them smarter investor, and they know how to select what they’re looking for the way they like, so they expect much more of what they used to since they know exactly much more about any product or services they are looking to purchase and this is also affecting their behavior as consumers since they can compare, analyze before to take any decision and companies who don’t keep evolving and understand their clients’ behavior will not resist to the changes and will not be able to survive.

Is Technology Making Finance Simpler?

In our today world, because of technology, you can purchase anything you like online and especially financial products; regulator and government have made closely with companies to put in place the highest standards of rules to make sure that financial companies are offering the best-customized product on the market and to protect the consumer.

Today, you can have your banking online, transfer money online, invest for your retirement, build your own investment portfolio online, and have access to your insurance plan online because of technology. All this can tell us how technology how have made finance simpler for everyone everywhere.

With Technology Integrated in The Financial World Is It Easier to Manage Finances?

Many technologies are helping in our financial industry, and this can change and evolve very quickly. MySQL, Java, react native, ruby, Python node.js, and many more have helped us to create system and solutions to keep providing the best performing results that we can offer to make sure we are on the top and without ignoring the fact in technology tomorrow is the best day to enhance and offer the best that you get.

Finally, investor enthusiasm for technology shows no sign of slowing down. The improvement of technology will help investors to improve their investment performance and experience. Investors are already seeing the hybrid model’s value and benefits, combining human expertise with machine learning and artificial intelligence. They believe that these technologies will help provide the simplicity they want and the analysis they need and optimize their returns. They see the benefits of these technologies in their everyday lives and are eager to incorporate them into their financial lives.

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