Wealthface Invest – Innovative investing platform

Wealthface Invest – Innovative investing platform

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Wealthface is a one-stop-shop online investing platform that offers advanced financial planning without any limitations or restrictions to individuals who want to build wealth, retire early, or accumulate their wealth.

Before the Fintech industry became dominant, working with a financial planner used to be expensive due to high management fees, a minimum requirement to start an investment account, difficulty in withdrawing money, and the complications related to paperwork.

Wealthface has transformed this journey by giving clients the possibility to open an investment account without any monthly fees coupled with a simple account opening process, which takes a few minutes. Moreover, it provides you with the possibility to fund the account locally free of charge, including access to money liquidity anytime without any restrictions.

The Wealthface investment methodology is backed by Nobel Prize Award-Winning Research that protects the client capital from any downside and optimizes the portfolio’s return and has been proven since 2008.

Wealthface investment platform solves multiple problems that clients had faced in the past:

  • High fees
  • High minimum deposits
  • Commission fees
  • Limited access to the market
  • No fractional shares

Wealthface does not replace human advice, but it actually blends it with technology to offer a robo-advisor hybrid solution to satisfy all investor types.

Wealthface Invest plans include: 

“Wealthface makes sure to offer clients a user-friendly platform at a low cost and to make the financial market accessible to everyone with a hybrid solution, a combination between digital and human advice.

During the Pandemic, the performance of our portfolio outperformed the market and positioned us as the best Robo Advice platform when it comes to returning on investment and our results confirm what I am saying.

We are looking forward to continuing to serve our clients, and we will keep looking after their own interests” said Bilal Majbour, founder and CEO of Wealthface.

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About Wealthface

Founded in June 2018, Wealthface is a one-stop-shop online investment platform based in the UAE that offers both passive indexing investment and factor investing services.

The company’s proprietary Robo-advice platform is developed in-house by a team of experienced quantitative analysts and based on advanced Nobel Prize academic research.

Wealthface aims to bring institutional investment solutions to every doorstep by facilitating the investment and trading process and offering modern Fintech services to a diverse range of investors, requiring no minimum knowledge about trading and offering a complementary solution to any other trading platform.

Wealthface smart financial tools will help you shape your financial future.
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Wealthface - Your online investment solution
Wealthface is a one-stop online investment company that services all kinds of investors. It provides affordable high-quality investment products and services, tailored to each type of investor, and delivered at a low cost in a fully transparent manner. The company plays the role of a Fiduciary investment advisor, which means it always puts the client’s interest first.
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