Marriage is all about partnership, equality, and sharing. Those special moments spent together, the plans you make, the memories you create… these are the foundations for lasting happiness, stability, and success.

With our Wealthface Joint Account, you can craft and grow your financial life together, taking into consideration both long and short-term financial targets and personalizing your portfolio to both of your needs.

Our Joint Account has been put together with modern, dynamic, and forward-thinking couples in mind, and is based on the idea that both should have the freedom to decide where to invest your funds. Also, suppose you’re looking to start a family, or have already done so. In that case, you want to consideration plans that include your children’s future – something you can do easily and effectively with our affordable, flexible Joint Account.

The Benefits of Joint Accounts

Joint Accounts bring a level of transparency to the financial aspect of your relationship, and an important element of balance. In addition, should anything happen to one of you, the other partner is protected and able to access the funds without any restrictions – which can put your mind at rest.

Factors to Be Aware Of

It goes without saying that when you have a joint account, there needs to be a fairly deep level of trust between those named on the paperwork. After all, one account holder can potentially spend all the money without the authorization of the other.

It’s also really worth remembering that creditors can seize a joint account, even if one party has no connection or culpability for any debt involved with it. Any liabilities attached to a joint account are both parties’ full responsibility, simply because that goes hand in hand with the reality of both account holders having equal ownership and equal responsibility.

If you’re interested in discussing a joint account with us, please get in touch today to see what we can do for you and your partner!