Life is full of exciting milestones that, once passed, change everything forever after. Buying your first home, getting married, having children… each of these events is something to look forward to and cherish, and they’re moments you could never put a price on.

However, there’s another milestone in which families all across the country would put high on their lists of life-changing moments: watching the kids pack their bags and head off to college, university, or further education of another kind. It may well be a day on which you’ll have to remember to bring your tissues (or on the flipside, organize a party with your fellow parents), but it’s one which marks their passing into a new stage of life, and which will have a massive impact on their future. Those college days are the best ones of our lives; time for discovering new pathways, living independently, filling your head with knowledge, and wisdom… and it’s also a time which parents, grandparents, and extended family members can actively get involved with and contribute towards, by merely setting up an Education Plan.