What Is the WealthFace Robo-Advisor?

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The world of investing has undergone many changes and developments. The rise of artificial intelligence, dynamic algorithms, and cutting edge technology has unveiled a whole new way of wealth management.

The Wealthface Advisor is a robo-advisor – an investment service that utilizes the latest software to help you put together the perfect investment portfolio to grow your money in an efficient and affordable manner.

Essentially, it does everything that old school human investment advisors, wealth managers, and consultants did… but with none of the downsides, and plenty of added extras sure to put a smile on your face.

Welcome to The Next Generation with Robo-Advisors

Before robo-advisors such as Wealthface came along, we had to rely entirely on human advisors to decide on the types of investments their clients made and would tweak and adjust them as time went by. It was far from a perfect system. For one thing, human error was a concern. The Wealthface platform removes these doubts and concerns and offers plenty of added benefits through robo investing. In addition, the vast majority of human financial advisors keep regular office hours, while Wealthface gives you 24/7 online accessibility, enabling you to check your balance, make necessary changes, deposit funds, and much more.

To start with Wealthface Invest, you will have to complete a brief questionnaire to better understand your investment needs and assess your risk appetite. The software will distribute your money over a range of appropriate investments (primarily ETFs), selected with the help of intelligent proprietary algorithms.

As the market changes, and as you change as an investor, the algorithm will make the necessary adjustments, ensuring you always stay within your comfort zone and one step ahead.

Best of all, the cost of your subscription to the WealthFace Invest platform is a fraction of the amount you’d normally pay a human investment advisor, and always outperforms the best of them.

Advantages of Robo-Advisors

WealthFace offers lower fees, allowing investors to make the most of their returns.

The professional human advisor will typically charge you a 1% fee for portfolio recommendations – that’s $1,000 a year for an investment of $100,000 for service alone, and that’s going to quickly add up with the added cost of mutual funds as well as stock trading, which will diminish your returns.

These are high costs you won’t have to face with Wealthface due to our trading robots and trading software that are innovatively created to help you achieve high returns.

WealthFace, on the other hand, will help you invest in ETFs – a relatively inexpensive alternative – and due to the reduced overheads and higher efficiency, you will only be charged 0.50%.

Automatically, by the help of robotic trading, that fee will have been cut in half by opting for our services, and that 0.50% is only going to get smaller if you invest even larger amounts of money.

It gets better. WealthFace, will negotiate better annual management fees for your ETFs, and will also offer you free trading. Put together, these savings make your returns more worthwhile and more satisfying.

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Grow your wealth