What is the Wealthface Robo-Advisor?

The world of investing has undergone many changes and developments throughout its history. Still the rise of artificial intelligence, dynamic algorithms, and cutting edge technology has unveiled a whole new way of managing your wealth… and that’s exactly what has brought you here today.

The Wealthface Advisor is a Robo-advisor – an investment service that utilizes the latest software by affordably and effectively help you put together the perfect investment portfolio (among other things), which can help your money grow. Mostly, it does everything that old school human investment advisors, wealth managers, and consultants did… but with none of the downsides, and plenty of added extras sure to put a smile on your face.

Welcome to the next generation

Before Robo-advisors such as Wealthface came along, we had to rely completely on other people, who would decide on the types of investments they felt you should be making and then would tweak and adjust them as time went by. This was far from a perfect system. For one thing, human error was a constant worry, and the possibility of vested interests getting in the way of you making a decent return was also never far from investors’ minds. The Wealthface Advisor removes all of these doubts and concerns and comes with plenty of added benefits, too.

Firstly, Wealthface Advisor will have you fill in a brief questionnaire to understand you as an investor a little better, and to get to know your openness when it comes to risk. From this information, the software will be able to spread your money over a range of appropriate investments (primarily ETFs), selected with the help of intelligent proprietary algorithms. As the market changes, and as you change as an investor, the algorithm will make the necessary adjustments, ensuring you always stay within your comfort zone and one step ahead. Sounds good? It gets better: the Wealthface Advisor costs a fraction of the amount you’d normally spend on a human investment advisor, and can outperform even the best of them.

Let’s Talk About the Pros

You only have to look at the buzz around Robo-advisors, in general, to recognize that they have a lot of advantages. The first of these we’ve already touched upon: Wealthface offers lower fees, allowing the investor to make the most of their returns… and that’s never a bad thing!

Let’s say you’ve come into a nice bit of money – a nest of $100,000, for example. Should you put your investments in the hands of a professional human advisor, they’re going to charge you a 1% fee for recommending a portfolio, and that’s going to quickly add up – $1000 per year for that service alone. Plus, the cost of mutual funds and stock trading, which will quickly snap up plenty of your returns.

Wealthface, on the other hand, will help you invest in ETFs – a relatively inexpensive alternative – and due to the reduced overheads and higher efficiency, you will only be charged 0.50%. Automatically, that fee will have been cut in half by opting for our services, and that 0.50% is only going to get smaller if you invest even larger amounts of money.

It gets better. Wealthface will also seek out and negotiate better yearly management fees for your ETFs and is even able to offer free trading. Put together, these savings make your returns even more satisfying and can counteract the already small fees. On top of this, Wealthface doesn’t demand a minimum balance to get started, meaning our services are open for pretty much anyone over the age of 18.

The vast majority of humans, financial advisors, keep regular office hours. Let’s say you need some immediate advice or want to make some last-minute changes late in the evening – the chances are, you’re not going to be able to get in contact with them until the following morning. Wealthface gives you 24/7 accessibility online… meaning you can check your balance, make necessary changes, deposit funds, and do everything else you need while eating your cereal, enjoying the latest box-set, or during a break in the big game. Nice!

Some Factors to Bear in Mind

The Wealthface Advisor has been put together with you – the investor – in mind. As a result, there aren’t a whole lot of negatives when compared to the more traditional methods of investment with a human wealth manager. You might not be offered such a wide array of investments with Wealthface as you might with a regular financial advisor. Still, we’ve sought out a great selection of asset classes for our portfolios, which include stocks, ETFs, real estate, and many more. Each of these has been carefully chosen, as we believe they offer our clients the greatest stability, and the best long-term solutions when it comes to income and wealth growth.

If you’re looking for a swanky office, you can walk into, in which you might get a free coffee while you wait for your financial advisor… well, Wealthface, unfortunately, isn’t able to offer that. However, this is part of the reason why we can offer such fantastic rates and such an accessible online service. Rest assured, however, all of our clients have access to a professional Portfolio Manager, who will be able to offer answers to all of your questions, should you require that personal touch. You’ll be able to discuss everything from fluctuations in the market to personal ambitions, various options for your funds, or how to hit particular goals over the phone or via email and live chat. You’ll have to make your own coffee, but we think you’ll agree: it’s more than worth it in the end.